my heart is in my mind. i think this is why i am an artist.
— nayyirah waheed

International Visions Gallery & Consulting has been committed to promoting original artwork by national and international artists. The gallery has exhibited diverse art from a number of countries including Australia, Brazil, Cuba, Haiti, Jamaica, Kazakhstan, Morocco, Nigeria, Russia, South Africa, Sudan, Uganda, the United States of America, Uruguay, and Zimbabwe. The gallery remains steadfast in its goal to become a link between people, cultures, and beliefs.


Mirta Meltzer


"In the sensation of the vacuum, I     can feel infinity’s life.

I discover the sign of my identity,
the manner of structuring my space.

My own searching nature in permanent motion, takes me to another reality, discovering in objects a transparency that brings me closer to the pure consistency of things, thus, a handcrafted paper, a feather or texture, suggest unveiling their secrets, and I enjoy the challenge of developing them."